Acer offers free door-to-door repair service nationwide

Acer Philippines just announced its free door-to-door customer service program nationwide, which the company touted as the only one of its kind in the country.

“Acer is already a reliable and trusted IT company worldwide when it comes to manufacturing quality devices from computers to smartphones and projectors. Today, it also strives to become synonymous to going the extra mile when it comes to providing service,” the company statement said.

According to Dio Vasquez, Operations Director, Acer Philippines, Inc., the program allows customers to call the Acer Customer Service Hotline at 555-2300 when they experience problems with their Acer device. “Once you call, a contact center agent will answer and diagnose initially over the phone any problem you may have with your device.”


“These are all qualified technical support agents, all trained to handle technical problems over the phone. In time, we will increase the number of agents depending on the number of repair requests we receive,” Vasquez said.

If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, a ticket number will be created and issued by the Tech Support Team to the client, and that’s where the door-to-door service begins, Vasquez said.

Once the ticket is created, Acer’s courier partner will be alerted with the ticket number and the device will be scheduled for pickup.

“The customer has the option to have the device picked up at home or place of work on the date and time he prefers. After the courier representative determines that all items in his checklist in picking up the device are cleared, the device will then be brought to the Acer Service Center in Paco, Manila,” Acer statement said.

When repairs are done, client will be informed that the device is ready for delivery. If client will be unavailable to receive the unit on the date and time advised, an authorization letter must be presented by those who will receive the unit on client’s behalf.

“That is why the client is informed in advance that the unit is ready. It is best that an authorization letter should be left to those who will receive the unit in case the client will be suddenly unavailable,” Vasquez said.

Clients can check the status of their device for repair at, whether it is still in transit or already at the service center.

As for turnaround time for repairs, Vasquez said it depends on the problem of the device or availability of spare parts but fittingly, the problem should be resolved within five days and client will be advised whether the device can still be fixed or not.


Vasquez said: “The service is free as long as the device is still under warranty. However, since the program is still new, only notebooks with Intel Core i3 to Core i7 configurations can avail of the service. We’ll check later if we can also provide it to entry-level laptops since they’re too many. We will prioritize first those who paid premium to avail of this service.”

For clients outside of Metro Manila or areas that can’t be reached due to certain circumstances, they will be advised to look for the nearest service provider partner of Acer.

“As a backup, Acer has its network of service providers who can cater to walk-in clients. They can find out if their area is covered by calling (02) 555-2300 and 1800-1888-7037 (toll-free) for those residing outside Metro Manila,” Vasquez said.

“Acer will not stop here. The next phase, most likely next year, may already include Acer devices that are out of warranty and diagnosis can be done via a downloadable app where customers can already identify and report potential problems and send this to the contact center, who will then call them,” Vasquez said.

Acer said as more people are getting mobile and life is really fast paced, people will have no more time to go to a service center to have their device repaired. This is why Acer will continue to enhance the capabilities of its contact center to provide excellent service consistently.

“Acer invested heavily on this proprietary contact center support system because excellent service is what customers want and truly deserve, nothing less,” Vasquez said.

More information about Acer Philippines can be accessed at

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