Lalamove delivery app launches new design

Lalamove delivery app launches new design

Lalamove delivery app recently launched its new design to “ensure easy transport and delivery of goods and services by simply tapping on one’s mobile phone, tablet or PC.”

Since it began operations in Hong Kong in 2013, Lalamove went on to cater to 24 cities in China and 5 other cities in Asia including Manila in the Philippines.

Understanding that their service is heavily dependent on tech users, Lalamove recently introduced its new App design which aims not only entice new customers, but to make the experience of booking services as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

The new design features the logo of a humming bird which signifies the swiftness by which Lalamove operates.

The aesthetic design was also revamped to make it more appealing for the user.

The new version is also designed to look cleaner to provide users with a less-cluttered experience when booking.

The new app also allows access to a user’s contact book so one can link the number and details of that contact to the on-going order.

But beyond design, the Lalamove App now allows for a quicker app experience from placing all the way to completing the order.

Users can browse their delivery options either via motorcycle, medium utility van or large utility van and pick which best suits their needs.

Fees are also carefully listed per transaction based on weight and size of package plus destination.

The new design also makes sure that the driver making the pick-up and drop off can be tracked real time on screen to make the user feel secure with every transaction.

Albert Go, Country Director of Lalamove knows too well that while technology is their prime enabler, it is just one facet of their business. With his eyes on expanding operations in the outskirts of Metro Manila, Go says their main focus is on improving their logistics and services so that more and more people will try, choose and remain loyal to Lalamove.

More information about Lalamove in the Philippines can be accessed at

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