NexLogic to provide free Internet access through cable providers

NexLogic to provide free Internet access through cable providers

Local Internet Service Provider (ISP) NexLogic Telecommunication Network Inc. will be providing Free Internet Access though Cable TV providers in selected areas around the country.

The free Internet access will be provided through a cable modem purchased by the customer for P2,999, it is a onetime purchase and does not have a monthly service fee.

Beginning this month, cable TV subscribers of Laguna Bay Vision and Telemarc Cable Laguna will have access to NexLogic’s free Internet service called Juan’s Internet Philippines (JIP), it provides free access to all general information, education and Philippine government websites (e.g. *.org, *.edu, *, as well as, to selected interesting content and useful services, such as skype, whatsapp and facebook messenger.

The concept is similar to Free-To-Access Broadcast TV services, wherein one needs only buy a TV set. In JIP’s case, CATV subscribers only need a modem to access a wealth of content and services from sites like Wikipedia, TESDA, UP Open University, PhilHealth, SSS.

In addition to the freely accessible sites, subscribers have three gigabytes monthly allocation that they may use to browse commercial sites and on-line services, including popular ones such as Facebook and YouTube.

Should users need more than the free allocation, they can avail of affordable prepaid packages. The prepaid packages, have no data usage caps and are time based, they will be available in 6-hour, 24-hour, 7-day and 30-day increments.

JIP will allow cable internet providers to provide internet service on top of their cable television service. According to Louis Casambre of NexLogic: “Cable TV providers are best positioned to deliver broadband internet because video channels are high bandwidth applications, internet via cable is the best way to deliver fixed line broadband after fiber optic cable.”

Broadband Internet access was recently cited as a basic human right by the United Nations Human Right Council in a report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

“Internet connectivity in the Philippines is one of the most expensive in Asia and the digital divide is growing because of it. Those with internet access can reap its benefits while those who do not get left behind. Our aim with JIP is to bring down the cost of internet access and remove the financial barriers to broadband internet access” Casambre said.

Another UN Agency the World Bank have shown that for every 10 percent increase in broadband penetration results in a 1.38% increase in econoamic growth for low to medium income economies.

The availability of internet access devices are no longer an issue for NexLogic’s service. Their cable modems have built-in Wi-Fi, meaning that to access the internet, a user only needs a device with Wi-Fi access like a smart phone a tablet, or a laptop.

To ensure that cable companies are competitive with established ISPs and Telcos, NexLogic will maintain a constant subscriber to uplink ratio to guarantee that the network is never oversubscribed and can deliver constant internet speeds all the time. Over-subscription usually results in significant network slowdowns especially during peak hours.

“There have been many complaints about the speed and cost of internet service, over-subscription is one of the reasons why the quality of retail Internet service in the Philippines the way it is, by maintaining service quality our partners will remain competitive with incumbent providers” Casambre said.

About NexLogic – NexLogic Telecommunication Network Inc. is more than just an Internet service provider– NexLogic brings partners and customers together using the most innovative technologies and solutions.

More information about NexLogic can be accessed at

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