Machine learning, artificial intelligence no negative impact on workforce – Oracle

Machine learning, artificial intelligence no negative impact on workforce – Oracle

It will not be surprising if in the near future, every software will be dominated by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Yet, the fear of people losing jobs have also increased in the advent of AI as robots are feared to take over humans.

In the recently-concluded small group discussion, the integration of artificial intelligence to Oracle’s cloud-based applications has been introduced.

The launch of Oracle’s autonomous cloud-based data platform is meant to provide applications that will help organizations to fully digitize process and make employees more productive by taking away competitive routine tasks.

Kirsten Gilbertson, Director, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Business Development, pointed out that the rise of machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence will not have a negative impact on the workforce but rather, will provide efficiency when it comes to analyzing and amalgamating data.

“Artificial intelligence is more about getting people to focus on high-value activities and looking out how they drive greater innovation. So we don’t say that its impact on workforce is changing the top of workforce,” Gilbertson said.

Moreover, the key thing that is driving autonomous innovation is the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into Oracle’s software and cloud services. With that, these capabilities can derive patterns and in that way organizations and the environment can be protected against anomalous attacks and data breach.

“The heart of being data-driven is having a very quickly-scalable and quickly-intermanageable data max in data warehouse and that is where data warehouse starts,” Gilbertson said.

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