About techTV.ph

techTV.ph aims to be the premier Video Tech Blog in the Philippines. While techTV.ph provides articles about the latest technology trends in the Philippines and the world, this blog tries to produce videos on how technology can improve and enrich your everyday hustles and bustles.

Optimized on all screens – desktops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones, techTV.ph will strive to give you information and advice in getting advantage of taking your humanity onto technology. This is our own little way to make your life easier.

Marlon C. Magtira, techTV.ph Editor
FB: @marlonmagtira
Twitter: @marlonmagtira
Email: marlon @ techtv.ph

FB: @techtvph
Twitter: @techtvph
Email: marlon @ techtv.ph

techTV.ph is managed by Marlon Magtira
Marlon is one of the two founders of Newsbytes Philippines (Newsbytes.ph), an online news portal that is covering the Philippine science and technology landscape. The founders of Newsbytes.ph were former Philippine correspondents for Newsbytes.com, a global technology news web site of US-based broadsheet, The Washington Post.  A former faculty member of the College of Education in the University of the Philippines Diliman, Marlon was engaged with development and design of online portals of a number of Philippine-based print publications, where he also occupied the position of online editor, including the Manila Standard Today, Metropolitan Computer Times, Business Mirror, Philippines Free Press and the Philippines Graphic. Marlon is also one of the founding members of Philippine Bloggers Network (bloggers.net.ph) and an officer of I.T. Journalists Association of the Philippines (cyberpress.ph). He is currently the Chief Information Officer of the Media and Civil Affairs Group of the Civil Relations Service Armed Forces of the Philippines. He developed the first Philippine Radio Station web site (dwdd.com.ph) with mobile-ready live streaming for DWDD 1134kHz AM KATROPA Radio (formerly Armed Forces of the Philippines Radio). A faculty member of the AFP Civil Military Operations School, Marlon is a course director and class facilitator for social media management and technology-related courses of the said institution. Follow Marlon on Facebook @marlonmagtira and on Twitter @marlonmagtira.